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FE-Audio EDU 1

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The FE-AudioEdu1 is an educational development board for learning FPGA-SOC development techniques, and real-time DSP processing when paired with a Terassic DE0-Nano-SOC low cost FPGA development platform. This board allows for learning how being able to learn how to interface with a practical and moderately complex Audio CODEC device in the lab setting, to set registers and format the audio data to and from the device. DSP methods can then be implemented in VHDL/Verilog, on the embedded hard processor running Linux, or using the Matlab HDL Coder toolbox and placed into the FPGA fabric. This will allow for real-time low latency feedback and comparison of filtering techniques by listing to the signals immediately from the output. This board provides learning opportunities that can be used across multiple courses including: Digital Signal Processing, VHDL/Digital Logic, and Embedded Linux Programming classes.

This product requires the Terasic DE0_Nano_SoC FPGA board. This must be purchased separately from Manufacturer or DigiKey

The DEO_Nano_SoC is being replaced by the DE10 board that has a larger FPGA.