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Chips & Salsa Radar Development Suite

Chips + Salsa

Flat Earth has developed a suite of radar modules meant to make it both easy and flexible for our customers to develop and deploy RADAR applications. Our Chips + Salsa concept is made up of a suite of Flat Earth software (Salsa) and multiple RADAR development kits based on Novelda's Xe Thru radar SOC technology. (chips). Chips + Salsa is designed to reach most markets we serve today; health care, home automation, proximity sensing, robotics, climate sensors and general GPR applications.

Salsa Software Suite

Salsa software provides you with a real-time web-served radar viewer (Salsa Scope) as well as the Salsa SDK containing a radar library, a DSP library, and a suite of radar scripts and demonstration applications. Application demonstrations include Ranging, Motion Detection, Zone Presence, 2D positioning (antenna dependent), 3D positioning (antenna dependent), Doppler (antenna dependent) examples and Clutter Removal. Supported environments include Python, MatLab, C, C++ and Linux. Salsa's web-served interface allows you to display out put on any platform supporting Chrome, Safari, or IE 10.C